The ROLE SDK - Widget Development for Responsive Open Learning Environments

Widget-based PLEs are currently of substantial interest in the TEL community. In such PLEs, teachers and learners combine different mostly single-purpose Web widgets to complete learning applications for their particular learning needs. However, often such PLEs are just sets of widgets put side by side, and there is often no technical support for widget integration as well as for learner communication and collaboration.

In the last year the ROLE project developer team has bundled a set of technologies developed within the project such as learning spaces, local and remote inter-widget communication, tracking and access to learner interaction data, recommendation, etc. into one reference implementation, which is deployed and publicly available as the ROLE Software Development Kit (SDK).

In this hands-on workshop we will introduce, demonstrate and actively work with the ROLE SDK in terms of usage, design, and concrete development. Participants will be given the opportunity to play with a SaaS test installation of the SDK, design new and/or enhance existing widgets with ROLE technologies and learn how to implement their ideas under the guidance of experienced ROLE developers.

Structure: Two parts - theoretical and practical

Requirements: laptop with recent Chrome or Firefox, development skills beneficial

Venue: University of Aveiro Technical Zone

Date and Time: July 11, 2012 at 14:00pm

Workshop Organisers: